Software Development Life Blog Carnival 10-16-2012

Software Development Life

Blog Carnival

October 16, 2012

Each Tuesday, we will take a walk around the web and note some of the more interesting software development related articles.  If you see something you would like us to include, please submit them to us, either directly or through the Blog Carnival link above.  We would love to know what you think is worthy of review and discussion.

Submitted by Paul Sisco

The degradation of java developers

I think most of us who have interviewed prospective developers feel the same way about wasting time on an interview where the resume was made with a buzzword generator, but the owner of that resume can’t actually name a java object.  I bet this isn’t limited to just java developers.

What is FRP

I have the same question.  It looks interesting.

The Why is More Important Than the What

I’ve discussed this before.  Why is the most important question that we need to ask when getting requirements and designing a solution.  John does a great job of explaining it.

Coding Guidelines: Finding the Art in the Science

My opinion that programming is an art form still stands.  This article talks about making readable code, and if you have ever tried to decipher code written by someone who clearly did not care, you understand how important it is.  The obfuscated c code contest is fun, but dealing with stuff like that in the workplace is just horrible.

How to make a multi player game part 1

Making an online multi-player game sounds like fun, and the way it is described makes it sound like something to do after work just to get some geek fun in.

New Programming Jargon

This is brilliant, and the pictures make it complete.

Agile Development or Waterfall?

Here is a brief discussion about software development methodologies.  I’m a proponent of agile process, so it is certainly biased in that direction.

iOS6 Maps Is An Incredible Gift to UX and Content Professionals

Data Quality… Yeah; It’s that important.  Let’s learn from the mistakes of others.

Submitted by Jon Lorentsen

What is cloud computing | Round Partner Blog

If you don’t have a clue about cloud computing, check out this nice explanation.

Submitted by Muhammad Irfan Zafar

How to Create the Exact Ecommerce Web Page For Getting the Desired Outcomes

Posted at Experts Column, saying, “These days, more and more individuals are seeking information on the internet. It is simpler, handy and quicker. If you are desirous to get achievements, you should be aware of where individuals are going whenever they crave details relevant to their own concerns and appropriate alternatives.”

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