Software Development Life Blog Carnival 10-23-2012

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Blog Carnival

October 23, 2012

Each Tuesday, we will take a walk around the web and note some of the more interesting software development related articles.  If you see something you would like us to include, please submit them to us, either directly or through the Blog Carnival link above.  We would love to know what you think is worthy of review and discussion.

Submitted by Jennifer Saksa

The Lego Principle in Software Development

I love the analogies used in this article.  Thinking of applications like Legos and making them work alone or in combination as modular units is pretty cool.

Submitted by Paul Sisco

Software Inventory 09 Jul

Joel always has great stuff.  This one is about backlog management, and I know I definitely need to take his advice with a number of my projects.

The extraordinary software development manager

I’ve seen great developers turn into OK managers, and as important as good architecture is, I’ve seen business analysts and programmers turn into not so good architects.  I think it’s probably a case by case decision, and sometimes the decision should be no.

Barriers to entry, useful arguments and actual comfort/curiosity with the technology around us

Common sense wrapped in a great example and a little nostalgia.  I remember the good old days, and sometimes, I still feel better at the command line.  15 or so years ago, I was probably on the side of his friend in the example, but thankfully, I came to my senses.

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