Software Development Life Blog Carnival 11-14-2012

Let’s take a walk around the web and note some of the more interesting software development related articles.  If you see something you would like us to include, please submit them to us, either directly or through the Blog Carnival link above.  We would love to know what you think is worthy of review and discussion.

Ambitions – by Randall Degges

I just started reading Randall’s blog, and I want to get back to the place where I’m a happy programmer every day again.

1 Million Dollars to Succeed – by John Sonmez

John always has good stuff that makes me think.  Having done plenty of contract work, as well as being a salaried developer, I’ve experienced both extremes of software development process.  I can’t say that I like either one.  Somewhere in the middle, there’s a sweet spot.

What Programmers Want Is Less Stupid And More Programming – Andrew Wulf

I’ve been working on an article about motivation for programmers.  Andrew touches on that in his article.  It’s worth reading twice.  I definitely want less stupid and more programming.



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